Boiling water through a traditional method, with  charcoal.

Boiling water through a traditional method, with charcoal.

Tea Drinking

Tea leaves are grown locally in Taiwan that quests the thirst of travelers, conquers the heart of writers, and helps us to get the taste of life.

In 1991, Hung Chi-Sheng introduced tea culture to Jioufen.After wine bars, teahouses in Jioufen have been operating after midnights. Tea wares specially designed by the shop owners are for either new or collected tea leaves. Different flavors satisfy different demands for tea.
In this cultural and artistic atmosphere,
tea fascinates more than wine.


The Special Experience of Unique Tea Culture in Jioufen


Shanlinxi Oolong

The tea is lightly roasted and harvested from 1,800 meters above sea level. The leaves come with a flowery scent and a long-lasting mellow sweetness.


Charcoal Roasted Oriental Beauty

The saliva of Jacobiasca formosana on the tea leaves gives it natural honey and fruity fragrance that is similar to how black tea is made with mellow, sweet, and rich taste, and long-lasting tea leaves. The tea is baked with longan charcoal for five days, so, the longer it is stored, the more innocent and simple taste is appreciated.





Red Oolong

Unlike the modern baking of Dong-ding Oolong tea, experienced tea farmers have Red Water Oolong made through traditional complicated processes with an emphasis on strong taste of tea, long-lasting and non-perishable storage that can be treated as a vintage tea collection.


Sweet-osmanthus Jin-Xuan

Season Ming goods limited to seasonal fresh sweet-scented osmanthus, together with Jin-xuan tea baking,natural elegant milk and sweet-scented osmanthus fragrance.

Tea Snack



Dongding Tea Plum

The sweet and sour selected hand-made tea plum of Lugu, Nantou makes the ideal drink by pouring hot water in. Tea leaves soaked with plum juice gives the best flavor.


Aged Dried Raddish

Through aging with sugar and salt, the appearance from white to black is no longer spicy, without deliberately emphasizing folk magical health, The taste will conquer you as well.


Charcoal Peanut

Covered with charcoal powder, the crispy peanut inside has the unique taste


Dried Pinnapple

Much tasty and crispy than pineapple cake, easy to enjoy Taiwan fruit without any burden.


Dried Mango

Taiwan's mango ice is brewing all over the world, and low-temperature baking locks fresh and the delicious , give you a enjoyable moment.