All the feelings can be shaped with clay.

All the feelings can be shaped with clay.



Ceramic Art Workshop the studio of pottery works


Tea Instrument of Jioufen Teahouse mostly made by Ceremic Art Workshop.

Jioufen's First Ceremic Art Workshop

Ceramic Art Workshop is the first of its kind in Jioufen and the one only where makes and sells its own products. In addition to supply Jioufen Teahouse and Artist Teahouse, products are often sold for household use due to the safety guarantee of 100% hand-made process and free contents of toxic raw material baked under the temperature higher than 1,203℃.

Select Your Handmade Souvenir

The pottery works designed by Jioufen Teahouse and Ceramic Art Workshop has known as the best souvenir for your trip to Jioufen.

Portrait of Workshop


The Corner of the Studio


Artists of the Studio


Scattered Pottery, Broken Pieces and the Insist to the Quality of Pottery


Pottery works by the workshop presents.

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