Pastel Golden Flower Tea Wares

NT$ 1,800 / Porcelain

These tea wares are designed for modern busy life with the focuses on easy tea making and convenient storage. Composed by three gold ingots, "honeysuckle" totem is arranged on the top of lid button and two sides of pots with aesthetics and burn proof functions. In addition to convenience in use, they can be stacked for better storage function.

Ru Ware Goblet Teacup (L)

NT$ 1,500 / Porcelain


Honey Fragment Jinxuan

NT$ 1,000 / 75g

Jin Xuan Oolong from Alpine Tea Garden, in addition to the unique milk flavor of the variety, it has a honey-like flavor.

75g × 1 NT$ 1000
75g × 2 NT$ 1600
75g × 4 NT$ 2800
75g × 8 NT$ 5000

Aged Dried Raddish

NT$ 150 / 30g

Through aging with sugar and salt, the appearance from white to black is no longer spicy, without deliberately emphasizing folk magical health, The taste will conquer you as well.

Mattock Handle Mug - Logo

NT$ 500 / Pocelain

In the background of Jioufen , the Gold Mine town, the gold-plated tool crossbow was skillfully transformed into a cup handle, which made the ordinary mug become the epitome of local characteristics.