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Jioufen Teahouse faced the double jointly connected street houses on the historical street is a two-floor stone western building leading to Shuchi Rd. Visitors followed the crowds arrive #142 and at first, they will see plantation under the glass roof and the interpretation sign of "The Old Residency of Wong Shan-Ying." Then the cypress wooden window lattice with historical trace attracts them. The indoor lighting with the natural light from the roof window as well as the water steam of tea pots portrait the scene of the paradise on the earth. This bowling water pots told visitors they belong to the first tea house of Jioufen, leading the first-time visitors to the tunnel of ancient time.


It is difficult to know the layout of "Shuichixian Clinic" from the opened partition of the spacious shop. The old mining cart on the left witnessed the golden time of this mountain city.


The old hall and room structure as well as the mineral
powder painting preserve the old layout.


The unique stone washed exterior wall of this historical house, the popular decoration used after the World War II, presents the simple and beautiful with good protective sand structure.


When visitors come to the entrance of wooden stairs to the western building, they will see the circulating water from stone miller under the natural light. The swimming carps are with money plants in the water. Follow the wooden stairs to arrive Floor 1, visitors will have the chance to see the 80 cm long "white dragon" in the 40 cm water pond.


The efforts of the owner of Jioufen Teahouse help to ensure the safety of pillar structure with steel frames. Oil painting background softens the cold feeling of steel,


"One Family" pottery studio punctuates the aesthetics effect of this tea house at the basement space of the tea house.