The Old Residency of Wong Shan-Ying, 1991

The Old Residency of Wong Shan-Ying, 1991

Background Story

What can be seen of Jioufen
through eyes and mind

In 1979, Hung Chi-Sheng followed his painting teacher to first arrive at Jioufen to paint. On the way with the painting teacher to the mountain for painting, He arrived at Jioufen after the bumping traffic and saw the beauty in the dark. He felt in love with it at the first sight. There were many beautiful houses, but where were people?? He did not know here is the hometown of gold mining.

After making a living to support himself in the nine-year period, Hung returned to Jioufen. Jioufen was quieter and more silence filled In the city. It was like a beautiful mountain city in the air. After the sun set and the street lamps were on, Jioufen became more beautiful. Hung decided to settle down


Hung Chi-Sheng at Jioufen Teahouse in 1991


Interior Renovation of the Tea House

Jioufen's First
Hundred-Year Historical
Building Tea House

Jioufen, the old golden mountain city, again attracts the attention of the world due to the appearance of its first tea house which not only introduced the tea house culture to Jioufen but the recreational activity of "having a cup of tea in Jioufen." Led by "Competition," tea house owners have tried their best to build unique shops and in this small mining settlement, Jioufen, there are more than two dozens of special tea houses.

The History Composed
of Accidental Results
Culture the Combination
of Collective Life

In 1979, he came to Jioufen with his painting teacher for painting. By the chance, another old house at the end of Jioufen was also owned by him, a young painter. The old house is now registered as a historical building by Cultural Affairs Bureau. The building time is now unknown but it was regarded as the oldest building in Jioufen, the leader of Jioufen, the residency of Wong Shan-ying. Later it was rebuilt as Shuichixian Clinic. Now it is Jioufen Teahouse. The history is composed of a series of accidental results. It is the ongoing process.


Overlook of Keelung Mountain from the Roof of the Tea House


Renovation of the Tea House


Overlook of Keelung Harbor

Managerial Concept based on the Axis
of "Tea, Pottery, and Painting"

But the pioneer of tea house operation, the owner of Jioufen Teahouse, Hung Chi-Sheng from the perspective of preservation rebuilt the "Old Residency of Wong Shan-Ying," which witnessed the hundreds years of the history of Jioufen into the cultural art space. In addition to the formal registration as the 6th historical building of New Taipei City, the managerial concept based on "Tea, Pottery, and Painting" was awarded as the model of 2005 Creative Life Industries by Ministry of Economic Affairs. Visitors shall not miss this must visit site when they are in Jioufen.