Terms of Services

Please read carefully and then place your order.

  • Most products of our company are unique and handmade ceramics and works of art, so their specifications (size, weight, volume, color, and shape) will not be as consistent as molded works (No return or exchange service), and there is no second and identical commodity for exchange. Moreover,ceramics and glass are fragile. Therefore, for the convenience of members who need home delivery service and to protect your rights, we will pack your order according to your requests after we confirm your order and payment. Once we hand your order to delivery service providers with reputation, it is considered that your delivery is completed. Your order will be delivered at a designated time to a designated address. Delivery fee will be charged with your order.
  • If your order is damaged or lost, delivery service or insurance providerswill be responsible for settling a claim, which means our company are exempted from such responsibilities and does not provide return or exchange service. Place your order if you can accept the condition mentioned above.
  • Purchasers should confirm whether the information about receiver’s name, telephone number, and address is correct. If packages are returned due to wrong contact information, shipping fee should be paid by purchasers.
  • Tariff is paid by purchasers if products are checked or held by international Custom.
  • For companies or individuals who make a bulk order, please do not place an order directly. Instead, please contact us via fax or email first, and we will assign a special agent to serve you.
  • If you are a domestic member who is familiar with information about our products, fully understands that price for handmade products cannot be standardized, is aware that descriptions of products are for reference, and accepts the reasonable difference between pictures and real products, you are welcome to purchase your favorite works of artimmediately.
  • If you need detailed information about our products, please contact us via one of the following methods so that we can provide advanced service for you.