Teahouse Construction Red Brick|Western Building|Old Banyan Tree


Located on the slope side of "Sheng Pin Theater" on Chingbian Rd., this red brick building, compared with Jioufen Teahouse rebuilt from the perspective of preservation, realizes the concept of Hung Chih-Sheng toward life art. In addition to exterior wall of Ching Shui Brick and baroque style antique design of arch and arcade that are often mistaken as the historical site of Hung Mao Castle, the old banyan tree carefully grown by the owner provides the best shade for hot summers. In the sky, it punctuates the aesthetic effect In the air and is in harmony with the model building of Ruifang Scenic Area.


Rooted Old Banyan Tree Surrounded the Antique Red Brick Building of the 1940s


The Ceramic Works in the Ward Red Brick Room


Artist Hung Chih-Sheng used stainless steel material to design
the furniture. The antique tea table and water work desk impress its visitors.
The stainless steel and red wood material incorporate with each other.


Tea Drinking and Dining Space