Jinxuan is breeding by Taiwanese in 1990’s. Now it plays an important role in Taiwanese tea varieties. It’s been making different types of tea as black tea and Oolong tea wildly.

Jinxuan is known by its milky-scent. But it could be turn into rich floral aroma, which as Gardenia and Butterfly Ginger. It is still common in the tea lists of tea houses and hand shake stands all over the world. Even cooking, baking, bartending, this tea is still popular.

But the names still confuse everyone, so here are 4 representatively Jinxuan, it will be our pleasure to show you the faces of Jinxuan tea.



Alishan Jinxuan: With natural elegant milky fragrance. Classical flavor of Jinxuan.


Longyanlin Jinxuan: Produce by traditional way, higher oxidation and well roasted, makes the flavor mellow and smooth.


Honey Fragment Jinxuan: Jinxuan Oolong from Alpine Tea Garden, in addition to the unique milk flavor of the variety, it has a honey-like flavor.

Sweet-osmanthus Jinxuan: Fresh sweet-scented osmanthus, baking with Jin-xuan Oolong tea, natural elegant, milk and sweet-scented osmanthus fragrance.







Preservation Tips:

Put in a shade and dry place could be stored for decades.

But the flavor changed every couple months.

If you prefer the flavor now, please enjoy it in half year.




Brewing Tips:

※Before you take Sweet-osmanthus Jinxuan leaves, please be sure th package is sealed, then upside down, let sweet-osmanthus is mixed with tea leaves well.


※Mug: use about 6 grams of tea each time. Warm up the mug, and pure boiling water about 350 ml, then put the tea leaves in. Brew it for two and half minutes. The second time please brew it for 5 minutes.


※Brew by teapot:use about 6 grams of tea each time. And use a 200 ml teapot. Warm up the the pot and put in tea leaves. Then purring boiling water.

The first brew is about 40-50 seconds. The second brew is 10 seconds, and 5-10 seconds more each time.

Keeping use the tea leaves until it's tasted less. The same tea leaves usually could be used over 5 times.