The plantation is Yi-Wu, the old classical tea area of Yunnan.

This tea cake was made in 2006.

After decades, the color of tea is still bright and clear.

The taste is strong but after taste will be lingering.




Brewing Tips:

※Mug: use about 6 grams of tea each time. Warm up the mug, and pure boiling water about 350 ml, then put the tea leaves in. Brew it for two and half minutes. The second time please brew it for 5 minutes.


※Brew by teapot:use about 6 grams of tea each time. And use a 200 ml teapot. Warm up the the pot and put in tea leaves. Then pure in the boiling water brewing for just 10 seconds, don't drink it 'cause it's called "tea-cleaning".

The first brew is about 40-50 seconds. The second brew is 10 seconds, and 5-10 seconds more each time.

Keeping use the tea leaves until it's tasted less. The same tea leaves usually could be used over 5 times.