【Kettle & Heat Insulation Pad Set】Two Pieces



Two-piece set of Golden Flower white Pomelo Kettle are the most suitable for boiling water or brewing tea.

The lid button is a beautiful flower. And it also blossom on the handle.

The flower is composed by three gold ingots into an original icon “golden flower”.

And we use it to decorate the teahouse everywhere.



【Golden Flower White Pomelo Kettle】


Plump-shape was inspired by white pomelo. The material is ceramic but with potter’s special formula, makes the kettle different. It could be used as a kettle or teapot.

The top of the kettle is inclined 15 degrees to prevent the lid from falling.

The spout in the shape of a goose head makes water flow smooth.

The taste will be different from ordinary kettle.



【Golden Flower copper heat insulation pad】


Three ingots constitute the basic prototype of the honeysuckle totem.

It’s the icon of Jioufen Teahouse.

Except its function, to avoid the heat.

It could also be a simple and elegant wall decoration.






1. The tea wares are semi-manually refined and shaped. There will be slight differences due to the influence of materials, temperature, etc. of each batch, as well as the position in the kiln. Therefore, each teapot cannot be 100% the same.


2. The Golden Flower White Pomelo Kettle is specially formulated by the potter. It can be directly heated by open flames such as charcoal fire, gas stove or alcohol burner. It can also be heated by black crystal stove. Please do not heating with flames or there will be dangerous.


3. Do not heat the kettle when there is no water inside, it might be broken. If it has been heated to empty for a while, do not pour water into the pot directly. Remove the kettle from the fire source and place it on a heat insulation pad to cooling down. And then it could be used normally.


4. Before using the brand new teapot or kettle, please fill the pot or kettle with boiling water and close the lid. Wait for about 3 minutes, pour out the water, pour the boiling water into the pot again, close the lid, wait for about 3 minutes, then pour out the water. Repeat this process about 3 times to start using.


5. Please use hot water to clean tea wares. Pour hot water inside and outside, and then use a warm tea towel to wipe it. Do not cleaning it with steel wool, detergents and technical foams. After the tea ware is completely cooled and dried, store in a dry and odourless place.


6. It is normal to see white crystals after a long-term using kettle, please use it with peace of mind.


7. The copper handle of the kettle, the copper alcohol burner, the copper stove foot and the copper heating pad will appear golden color after a long-term using. If you haven't used it for a long time, partial patina will appear; please feel at ease to use.


8. The handle adopts special double heat insulation design, and it could be directly taken while water is boiling. But it’s still recommended to use according to personal habits.


9. Copper products are metallic materials, which conduct heat quickly, please pay more attention when using them.