【Copper Stove Foot】


The stove foot is shaped like chicken claw.

In Chinese culture, rooster presents many beautiful implications.

It’s called “five virtues”.

These five virtues are benevolence, chivalrous, courtesy, wisdom, and faith.

So the rooster claw-shaped stove feet is also called “five virtues”.

Equipped with burner, it’s easily to use.






1.The copper handle of the kettle, the copper alcohol burner, the copper stove foot and the copper heating pad will appear golden color after a long-term using. If you haven't used it for a long time, partial patina will appear; please feel at ease to use.


2.The copper alcohol burner is designed with vents on the side. If flames burst from the vents while burning, it is caused by the natural evaporation of alcohol. Please use it with peace of mind. If you would like to extinguish the flame, you could directly put the copper cover on and rotate it to the end, flame would be extinguished.


3. Copper products are metallic materials, which conduct heat quickly, please pay more attention when using them.