The pot looks like the round "White Pummelo." sintering at 1260℃, the clay is shaped at the inclination of 15 degrees to avoid water falling of the lip. The goose shape sprout enables the easiness of water pouring.

Based on the unique historical mining site of Shuejinjiou, the symbol of chinese ingot presenting the fortune is designed into elegant "Golden Flower Pattern." The use of the materials carries out the mining spirit of Shuejinjiou. Copper handle implies of gold features, the landscape of the gold mountain city.






1. The tea wares will be a little bit differences due to the influence of materials, temperature, etc. of each batch, as well as the position in the kiln. Therefore, each tea ware cannot be 100% the same.

2. The Golden Flower white pummelo water pot is specially formulated by the potter. It can be directly heated by flames such as charcoal fire, gas stove or alcohol lamp. It can also be heated by black crystal stove. However, due to the material, please do not use methods other than open flames, such as microwave ovens, induction cookers, etc., for your safety concerns.

3. Do not burn the pot when there is no water in the pot, it may break. If it has been empty for a while, please remove the pot from the heat and place it on a heat-insulation pad to let it cool down before it can be used normally. Do not pour water into the pot directly.

4. Before using the brand new teapot, please fill the pot with boiling water and close the lid. Wait for about 3 minutes, pour out the water, pour the boiling water into the pot again, close the lid, wait for about 3 minutes, then pour out the water. Repeat this process about 3 times before start using it.

5. When cleaning the teapot, we recommended to use hot water to pour the inside and outside of the pot, or use a warm tea towel to wipe it. No special brushes are required; do not use detergents or technical foams. After the teapot is completely cooled and dried, it can be stored in a dry and odor-free space.

6. It is normal for teapot to leave white crystals after long-term use, please use it with peace of mind.

7. The color of the copper handle will be golden yellow after continuously use. If you haven't used it for a long time, partial patina will appear; all are normal, please feel at ease to use.

8. The pot handle adopts a special double heat insulation design, and the handle can be directly taken when the water is boiling, which is less prone to burn your hands; however, it is still recommended to use it according to personal habits.