Bo-Wen Chen (1/11/1943~7/4/2005)


Chen was born Qigu Township Tainan County in 1943 during late Japanese Ruling Period. He graduated from the first Department of Fine Arts at Chinese Culture University. Chen already demonstrated his passion and talents for arts as a student, particularly in the traditional Chinese ink-painting, whose use of strokes and colors imitated the styles of ancient people. After he left school, he soon brought his talents into full play in two fields, namely interior design and movie/TV arts. Such work experience and immersion have enriched his horizon in creation, facilitating him to manage his creative elements with ease.


The year 1990 was the most important turning point in life for Po-Wen Chen in terms of creation. Standing at the peak of his career, he ultimately could not forget his passion, desire and self-expectation for arts and creations. He determined to abandon everything and devoted himself in the world of oil paintings. His full concentration and commitment even touched his painting pals who did sketch with him often. At the same time he was completing a variety of convulsing pieces, he became ill after long-term commitment. However, the doctor’s diagnosis did not immediately defeat this stubborn artist and he received a powerful vitality from God after undergoing proper treatment and rest. The new health examination report gave him the chance to encourage other patients and to witness for God.


His painting styles changed following the turning points in life, whereas the slightly gloomy images boldly outline blocks of paintings through coarse and refined touches. He abandoned all detailed description and neglected the image to fully exhibit personal styles that were convulsive. Such was the objective pursued by Bo-Wen Chen. However, as his illness worsened, his wonderful life of arts also came to an end while Chen’s painting styles would never be seen again.