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Terms of Membership

Those who complete the registration of basic information on the website
of Jioufen Teahouse will become the formal members of ours. In addition
to each right and obligation of members, you shall agree and abide the
terms as below:
  • General Terms

    After you register to Jioufen Teahouse, you become the formal members of ours. When members use website services of Jioufen Teahouse, you shall agree and accept all membership terms and you shall agree to follow rules and regulations of local government and the Internet. Please refer to rules and regulations of the criminal laws of the ROC, Computer Data Protection Act, Patent Act, IPR Act, Trademark Act, relevant rules of IPR, Fair Trade and Consumer Protection Act, Child and Youth Sexual Transaction Prevention Act , Sexual Assault Crime Prevention Act, Pharmaceutical Affairs Act, Wild Animals Reservation and Protection Act, Controlling Guns, Ammunition and Knives Act and so on (relevant rules and regulations).

  • Member Information

    When you join as a member of Jioufen Teahouse, you shall fill in correct and authentic information and do update information when information changes. If you use false or others' information to register, you shall take the legal responsibilities on your own. Jioufen Teahouse has the right to terminate your membership and services from time to time if the personal information provided by you is proved to be false or not updated. Jioufen Teahouse preserves the right to modify rights of the terms of membership and the modified contents will be announced publically on our website. If you do not agree the modified contents, please stop using services offered by Jioufen Teahouse. If you wish to continue using services offered by Jioufen Teahouse, that indicates you agree and accept any modification of terms of membership.

  • Service Modification and Termination

    Jioufen Teahouse preserves the right to modify or terminate contents of each service to any members and there is no need to give members prior notification. For the termination or modification or member services, any members of Jioufen Teahouse shall hold no responsibilities. Services and information on the website of Jioufen Teahouse is only for the use of members and we do not hold any responsibilities for information delay, storage failure or any deletion of information.

    For any of the following conditions,
    Jioufen Teahouse shall have the right to stop or terminate services:

    • (1)
      Necessary maintenance and construction for electronic telecommunication equipment of Jioufen Teahouse;
    • (2)
      The failure of electronic telecommunication equipment occurs accidentally;
    • (3)
      When electronic telecommunication services applied by Jioufen Teahouse are terminated due to any causes, there will be no services available;
    • (4)
      Due to factors such as force majeure, Jioufen Teahouse cannot offer services.

    Jioufen Teahouse may, terminate partial and all services, temperately interrupt, delay or cause data transmission or storage error or the invention of the third person for system modification or changed or false Information due to the failure or man-made operating mistakes of the Company, suppliers or the relevant telecommunication network system, hardware or software; Jioufen Teahouse will not hold any responsibilities for any compensation; unless, it is the major fault of Jioufen Teahouse.

    The governing law and court of the relationship of rights and obligations between Jioufen Teahouse and members shall be decided by the ROC laws. Any disputes shall be governed by Taipei District Court, as the first governing court. For any statement and terms of Jioufen Teahouse that are not comprehensive, Jioufen Teahouse and its members shall follow the principle of honesty, trust, and equal and mutual beneficial principle to look for resolution.